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ICAD foundation, it’s existing since 2013 independent non-profit organization, whose creation was devoted to the idea supporting various social groups in need, providing humanitarian aid supporting development activities wherever conflicts, disasters, injustice or poverty have complicated society’s development, make impossible normal functioning and were a real threat to life. Your targets we realized through the implementation of development projects, cooperation with entities of a similar course of action, emergency assistance, consultations and trainings. Since 2013, we have been cooperating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, engaging in development activities in Georgia. Our team is made up of experienced employees of the development assistance sector who coordinated many development projects in various regions of the world, both for Polish as well as for foreign and international organizations.

In 2018, ICAD Foundation, together with a new organization development strategy, it has expanded its activity to include activities for the broadly understood culture and protection of cultural heritage. One of the prophets of this activity is to reach social groups exposed to exclusion or marginalization and having difficult access to events related to culture, art, history or protection of cultural goods, including people with all types of disabilities, low beneficiaries, dwellers of small towns or seniors. Such activities are closely related to the so-called development aid, which until now has been the main area of the foundation’s activity, and at the same time broadens this field by further topics. With the adoption of the new development strategy, the ICAD Foundation has established cooperation with specialists in the field of research on the past : historians, art historians, archaeologists, ethnographers, artists documenting patriotism and traditional culture, and documentary filmmakers.

The ICAD foundation also wants to be actively involved in information and social campaigns as well as all educational activities aimed at raising civic competences and increasing citizens participation in public life. The thematic areas close to us are society, culture and ecology. We want to direct our message and commitment to various social groups. We believe that our actions may change or positively influence the perception, thinking and attitude towards the problems that surround us. We use the mass media, social networking sites, online advertising, leaflets and posters, we also organize conferences and events of an informative and educational nature, and we will use our experience in this field to reach potential recipients as comprehensively as possible.

All our projects are preceded by a thorough analysis of the conditions and needs of specific social groups, conducted comprehensively at the site of future activities. In our projects, we attach particular importance to their innovation, efficiency and stability. We reach the most difficult areas and to the most needy. Our activities are based on cooperation with local communities so as to engage our time and resources in projects that bring long-term results and are positively received.