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Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) training was held on September 11 – 13, 2023, in Stepantsminda, Kazbegi, Georgia! It was done along with the basics of rescue in mountain conditions.
The main trainer of the training was Marcin Błeński from Medyk Rescue Team, who shared his knowledge and extensive experience in medical rescue field. He was supported by trainers from the GOPR Beskidy Mountain Rescue Group, HRSC Mountain Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, HS Pieninskeho Narodneho Parku – Mountain Rescue Service of the Pieninsky National Park from Slovakia, the Volunteer Mountain Rescuers from Georgia. The whole project organization thing was supoerter by local partners from the Kazbegi National Park Friends Association.

The training lasted 3 days, and during this time 30 participants learned the following topics: 

Introduction to Tactical Field Care of Casualties: including Evacuation Method • Application of tourniquets: C.A.T and SOFTT • Scenarios of the tactical phase of “Care in the field” • “Tactical Field Care”: Protocol for the treatment of a trauma victim: “M.A.R.C.H.” • Dealing with massive hemorrhages (tourniquets, wound control, pressure dressings • Airway management (non-instrumental and instrumental methods / NPA, Emergency CRIC) • Respiratory pathophysiology • Circulation, AVPU level of consciousness, hypovolemic shock and its assessment • Head injuries and prevention hypothermia • Tactical scenarios of the “Tactical Field Care” phase and the basics of rescue in mountainous terrain.

In addition to gaining knowledge, the primary goal was to integrate various environments connected by Georgian (but not limited to) mountains! This aspect was also successfully implemented 😊

Among those who trained and trained there were people from both Kazbegi and Svanetii, from all partner countries, from medical circles and mountain rescue ones.

Thank you all very much!